Bored with Crowded Game Sites? Review of Three Known Poker Rooms Less

  • March 31, 2020

If you are an individual who enjoys poker but is bored with the same busy site, you might want to take the opportunity to visit a number of smaller, less visited ones like Chan, Cake, and Sun Poker. These sites may not be as popular as many large websites but this can have a number of positive things. Smaller websites are not as crowded and often have very good promotions to bring in new players. In this article, we will review some of the top poker sites that are less well known.

Chan Poker Room: Yes, the founder of this site is Johnny Chan who has won 10 WSOP bracelets. He has created his own site. Newcomers online, this site has not yet reached the size of [other sites | other gaming websites because of some other well-known websites. It is a member of the Ongame Poker Network and provides one of the biggest deposit matches in the gaming industry. They will match up to one hundred percent of the initial deposit, up to one thousand dollars Judi Slot Jackpot.

During busy times, there are more than ten thousand online players at one time, which is quite small compared to some of the larger sites. This website has a very great tournament. In fact, this is one of its top attributes. There are always good draws and guaranteed money of more than $ 150,000. One pretty neat tournament that is very unique, is “Mad Tilt All In”. This is a very fast game, played with one hundred chips and blinds starting at 10/20.

The competition playing in the Chan Poker room is very bad. This is great for highly skilled people. Good players can make money by beating those who are just starting out or players with few skills.

Cake Poker: This website is global. People from all over the world can play here. They offer good security and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide matching deposits of up to $ 500. There are $ 52,000 in cash and they offer $ 52 million in monthly tournament payments.

In any period there are only about 1000 players at a time. This is a very small amount. However, if you want a more intimate atmosphere or you just learn to play poker, you might be interested in smaller gambling sites.

Sun Poker: This website began in 1999. It is licensed and regulated by the European Union (EU). This is not a large site and does not allow players from the United States to gamble.

Sun Poker might not be as popular but they give a really great bonus. There is a $ 500 new player bonus that does not require a deposit. There’s also a new $ 10k free roll play.

For individuals who don’t understand the game and want to learn, Sun offers tutorials on how to play poker.

You don’t have to visit the biggest and most popular sites to get great games. In fact, several smaller poker sites provide promotions, bonuses, promotions, fantastic customer support and a great sense of community. So don’t automatically rule out websites because they are small.

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